Taxi Transportation Around Slovenia and Abroad – Reach Your Goal Comfortably and at a Good Price

Transportation of people and cargo is a responsible task, which demands a professional approach, especially in the case of longer trips within the country or internationally. The selection of a reliable service provider ensures, that all transportation is carried out in compliance with your wishes or needs, and will save you numerous inconveniences. The trip will thus be safe and comfortable, and you will reach your goal at the right time.

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Entry fee: 0.93 EUR
Tolls for road and tunnels, vignettes and other costs directly related to services outside Slovenia, are not included in the fares and are charged extra.

Taxi in Ljubljana is Only One of the Possible Services

Numerous satisfied customers are the best possible proof for us, that the service we offer is truly a high quality one. Many customers decide to ride with us several times again after their first successful transit, and we also have quite a few long term cooperation agreements concluded, which may mean additional benefits for you. Our years of experience in the field of transportation are a guarantee of quality, as it is the practice that let us acquire a considerable amount of priceless knowledge, which provides an even greater comfort to our passengers, whom we will welcome into a spotlessly clean and absolutely safe taxi.

Ljubljana may be a city where our company has its seat, however, shorter transit within the capital represents only a part of our offer, which is an important advantage when compared to the majority of our competition; many suppliers are not specialised for longer distance transit (especially abroad), but limit their activities to only specific, mostly Slovenian cities, while their offer itself is far smaller, if you are facing a slightly less frequent trip and decide, that the optimal means of transportation in such a case is the taxi. Ljubljana is thus only a starting point for our drivers and, when arranging a transit, we always adapt to the specific requirements of each individual client.

Transit to Airport (»Ljubljana airport taxi«)

One of the very frequent situations which require the hiring of an external transport service provider is the planning of travel to and from an airport; most passengers decide for taxi in such cases. With our help, you will quickly be at the airport Brnik, and do not need to worry that you might miss the booked flight. We also offer transfers in the direction Brnik – Ljubljana. Regardless of your starting or final destination (Ljubljana / Brnik), the transport also includes special care for your luggage; our friendly and obliging drivers will carefully put your suitcases and bags into the vehicle, whereby they are especially attentive to protect fragile objects. If required, they will also carry your luggage to the desired point, while one of the options we offer is also independent transportation of items to a location of choice. 

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Favourable Price of Taxi Transit, Special Discounts for Longer / International Routes and a Simple »Taxi Online« application

Our current taxi price list can help you with a rough calculation of the final price for the service, however we are aware, that the requirements of numerous clients are quite specific, thus you can contact us at any given time if you are interested in a more precise calculation. We will prepare it for you in the shortest possible time. We constantly strive to offer our clients the best price to quality ratio of service, and often also prepare additional benefits, which ensure an even more favourable taxi price. The prices of international transportation or longer distance transportation include special discounts, which we arrange in advance, based on actual information, that you provide us; our taxi transit abroad is thus doubtlessly among the best priced, while it is also the most comfortable as, due to a longer drive, we make sure that the passengers are especially comfortable and that they arrive to their destination fresh and rested. At our company, we are aware, how important it is to constantly be up to date and harmonised with the habits of our clients, so we are happy to take advantage that the internet offers. Taxi can thus be ordered or booked with a few clicks, which also holds true for international travel. You simply enter the desired time, starting and final destination into the application, along with information on potential luggage, waiting hours, etc. We will carefully study your request and notify you as soon as your reservation is confirmed, then make sure, that there is a taxi waiting for you at the agreed upon time. Internet thus enable you a quick, reliable and comfortable way to secure the ride you need.



Use our calculator to calculate the detailed pricing:

ENTRY FEE: 0,93 €



In the case of long journeys we offer customers additional discounts. You may also contact us via our online form.

Internal and International Transit at the Highest Quality Level

Does an important business meeting await you that you wish to come to rested and well prepared? The comfort of our vehicles allows you to relax and focus on the task ahead, while the driver makes sure, that the drive is as it should be, whereby you will avoid unnecessary stress. Are you perhaps thinking of a pleasant family trip or wish to show the beauties of our country to relatives from abroad? In this case, too, we can come to your aid and ensure pleasant transit between various places, and, if so desired, can take you beyond the borders of Slovenia.

We can also provide numerous tourist tips, from finding a place to spend the night to culinary specialties in a certain area, while our competitive advantage is also, that the communication with drivers is not limited exclusively to Slovenian, but can also take place in a foreign language, which does not have to be exclusively English. Along with more extensive internal transits within Slovenia, we very frequently also provide international transportation, for which we will provide an especially comfortable taxi.

Zagreb–Ljubljana (and vice versa) is only one direction our clients often pick, but we can also take you to distant cities in other countries. We provide transportation all days of the week, 24 hours a day, so that the choice of the best time for travel is entirely up to you.

Route calculator:

A path, thousands of kilometres long, begins… with the first kilometre! Spend this first kilometre and all the following ones with us and be convinced, that our promises also hold true in practice. A safe, comfortable ride at a good price awaits you – even distant destinations are easy to reach with our aid…